Drama was truly defined at a wedding venue on Sunday, 25th November 2018 in Nigeria’s Immo state when a married woman stormed the venue and poured red oil on the white wedding gown of her husband’s new bride.

Reports say the polygamous manhad gone to the Apostolic church at Nkwo Orji in Owerri North area of the state to tie the knot with a second woman, but the pastor of the church declined to be a party to the event, let alone officiate it because the man was already married.

Determined as he was, he proceeded to another church within the same area called the Altar of prayer Gospel ministries where its pastor accepted to officiate the marriage.

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However, hilariously, the groom’s aggrieved first wife walked in with a bowl of red oil and poured it on the gorgeous looking bride, disfiguring her gown completely.

A video circulating online shows the bribe making an attempt to retaliate, but was restrained by the groom.

It is not clear yet if the marriage succeeded despite the disruption.

Watch the video below: