Giuseppe Cicorella: Why he is considered an authority in his field

Many are considered a success in their field, but relatively few are considered an authority. To be hailed as a trailblazer, an innovator, and a mover and shaker in any industry, takes one thing above all else - time! Reputations are not built overnight and to cement yourself as an authority in your respective field of operations takes years of endeavor, discipline, and commitment. Entrepreneur Giuseppe Cicorellahas a rock-solid and enviable reputation as a motivational speaker and is hailed as an absolute authority in his chosen profession.


Giuseppe may make what he does look effortlessly simple. However, scratch the surface, and you’ll find that behind Giuseppe Cicorella’s calm and collected demeanor is a lifetime of struggle and strife. He credits this with giving him the authority and authenticity he has become renowned for. Walking down the memory lane to trace the path of his struggle and success he says, “I was born in a small village. But it turned out to be much smaller for me. It wasn’t meant for someone who wanted something more from life. And I realised that early on and made up my mind to move to Milan once the time was right. When I turned 17, I knew the time had come to leave life as I had come to know it, behind me. And that was one of the best decisions I ever made. In Milan, I found my one true passion – real estate.”

This passion lasted for quarter of a decade. After 25 years of adding value to his life and the world of Italian real estate, Giuseppe felt limited by the opportunities that faced him in the future. He says, “My goal in life is to grow, as an individual, a husband, a friend and as a businessman. In 2015, my wife and I decided to move the US in order to test some new waters. It was going to be a challenge from the start. I didn’t speak the language, and was kind of restarting my career. I failed the realtor test 7 times but persevered. Those who ask my why, I simply say that I knew there was light at the end of this tunnel and that I will find my way to it. And I did. And now, after 7 years here, I can say with certainty that my perseverance has paid off.”

“Often people only see what’s in front of them,” explains Cicorella, who added, “They don’t think of the time and effort that went into the finished product. In my case, many people find it hard to believe that I have repeatedly failed in many areas of my life. The key thing is I never gave up. I saw it as a valuable learning curve to correct my mistakes, pick myself up, and get back on the saddle. Getting where I am today hasn’t been easy. I slept in a car for a month, lost all my money, and failed the examination for my Realtor License seven times. Yet I dug deep to find that resourcefulness and inner strength we all possess and didn’t stop until I got where I needed to be.”

This determination, self-belief, and strength of character have seen Giuseppe Cicorella recognized as one of the top motivational speakers in Italy. When he talks, people listen, and with good reason. He’s the real deal. He has owned a staggering 100 businesses, made a series of high-end real estate investments, and even written a book during his career. He brings all of that experience to bear as a motivational speaker, and his authority in his chosen role has proved inspirational to millions.


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