• Spooning

This is likely to be the most instinctual position when you both are just waking up from a cuddling position. With both your bodies so close together and still lying down, you can feel incredibly comfortable while also getting some seriously hot bed activity in.

He'll be able to access all of you with his hands as well as kiss your neck, giving you the jolt you need to get yourself going. You can twist your body in order to kiss him or even watch the action for that extra dose of sexiness.

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  • Reverse cowgirl

Men love this position, but it can also be the perfect position for you to get it on in the AM. What could be better than giving him a show and getting exactly what you want?

Not only does it allow for you to accommodate whatever speed and depth is best for your body (which might be a bit stiff in the morning), but it also prevents any awkward morning breath moments.

  • Shower sex

Every guy likes a good excuse to see your body within reach and covered in water. Just turn around in the shower and let him go for it - it will feel amazing to have his hands be able to access all of you while the water massages your skin, too.

Not only will you be multi-tasking your priorities of getting frisky and getting ready, it also adds a sweet element of intimacy to gently wash one another's bodies afterward.

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In the event you have a mirror in your bathroom, take advantage of this by watching yourselves - it'll boost his confidence and yours to see how fantastic you two look in action.