Hello there, are you feeling like it’s time to start spicing up your sex life?

Having sex in the bedroom or on the same couch can make it boring. While you got to be more adventurous and try out different positions at different places, the bathroom should not be on your list.

You might have seen people make love in the shower in the movies and thought that it’s as epic as they make it appear. But it’s really not.

Here is why you should never have sex in the bathroom:

1. You might get injured

If you really wonna do it in the shower, you risk sliding on the slippery bathroom floor. I am sure you don’t want to break your spine just because of a short-lived moment of pleasure.

2. It’s hectic

Unless your bathroom is as large as you living room, sex in the bathroom will be tiresome. Because of limited space, it will be hard for you to change positions. So, you might have to stick to one position up to the end and this is gonna be really tiresome.

3. The soap

If you are considering using soap as part of your love making session, it may end up in the wrong places. For instance, if it gets to your vagina, be sure it’s gonna hurt and itch like you caught some UTI.

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4. Water is a poor lube

The thought that you will be wet all through is misleading. Water will dry up the vaginal wetness and girl, you will have a rough ride. Sex is supposed to be a great moment and it can never be if one partner is hurting down there.

5. Oral sex will be like a punishment

Who wants to kneel on a bathroom floor to give someone a blow job? Unless your knees are made of iron, you simply can’t stand the hard and cold floor. In short, foreplay in the bathroom is just an illusion in the mind.

6. Varied body temperature

There is no way that your body temperatures will be uniform all through. At some point, one of you will be warm while the other will be cold meaning that they will be shivering instead of enjoying the moment.