Lets talk about sex baby...

Who remembers that song from the Trust condoms advert way back? Anyway when it comes to sex, that's the one time you're allowed to let your inner slut come out. Sometimes I hear people saying that they're disgusted by things such as foreplay or even a man releasing himself on them and I wonder how they copulate...If you're in a relationship, it's no doubt that sexual compatibility is totally important, not to mention that you constantly have to keep reinventing  the wheel in all things bedroom matters to keep things exciting, lest your man runs away and gets himself a side chic who will service him like a car at a mechanic's. So, ladies, how can you be way better in bed and keep things spicy?

1. Keep yourself well groomed.

Obviously, a bush as big as the Jackson Five afros is not a pleasant sight. Shave or at least trim and clean your nether regions. Eat fruits such as pineapples to give you a good taste. Also, make sure that you smell normal. Sure, a vagina is not supposed to smell like a rose flower garden but if you put your finger in there and it smells like fish or a dead rat, c'mon, that's an indicator of a bacterial infection or an STD so go get a check up.

2. Be sexy.

Invest in some sexy lingerie that you can wear on nights when you and your man are getting down and dirty. Think of a matching lace lingerie set. Talk to him, massage him with oil, set the mood with candles and sexy music.

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3. Be confident.

One can feel shy while taking off clothes in front of a man. We suddenly start to think about our tummies, cellulite, whether the wig will come off and what not. But trust me, the guy is not even bothered about how you look. Take off that wig sis, make yourself comfortable. If you're relaxed, you will get into the moment better, giving you higher chances of reaching the big O than when you're nervous and umcomfortable. If he loves you, he doesn't care about your cellulite and you shouldn't. Plus, confidence is sexy.

4. Know his needs.

Different men like different things. Don't have sex with a manual...customize the shit out of it. If he likes his nipples pinched and sucked, do that.

5. Communicate.

You will only both enjoy having sex if you both talk about what you like and what you don't like. Do not be afraid to give feedback on areas that he could better himself for instance, if he likes rough sex and you don't, you could tell him kindly to pace himself so that you're both enjoy.

6. Moan.

Not like you're on a Xvideos audition, but you get my point. At least appreciate a little so that the guy knows if he's doing the right thing or he needs to switch things up a little bit, which brings me to my next point,

7. Read the body language.

If you're giving a blow job and you're using your teeth, obviously, you will see that he's feeling pain as he will make the ouch sound or facial expressions that are far from those of someone enjoying. Be able to read the signs so that you do less of the things not being appreciated and more of those that are.

8. Foreplay.

Don't be grossed about it. Ask what he likes and actually enjoy giving it to him. Remember to look deep into his eyes and try not to make the gagging sounds too much hehe. It can be a bit gross.

9. Take charge.

Men like that. Your man should not be the one always initiating the sex. Surprise him one day before work, jump into the shower with him, tell him to shut up and give it to you fast and nice, cause y'all will be late for work. Never let your man leave the house horny or hungry.

10. Paradoxically, let him be in control.

We all need a bit of Christian Grey in our lives. Let him tie you up and eat the hell out of you.

11. Be adventurous in bed.

Don't just lie there like a dead cockroach. Switch up styles, come on top and change the rhythm, always change the rythym. You don't want to bore each other with the same old missionary style. If he happens to meet a side chic who will service him with the windmill and reverse cowgirl and all other style out there, your boring sex will be forgotten very fast.

12. If you have low libido, it's okay...but,

Yes, it's okay, happens to the best of us, due to a number of reasons such as stress and what not. Try and increase it by eating foods and snacks that can increase the libido like chocolates. If you're drying up, consider using lubricants. You could also incorporate sex toys into your sex life to spice things up. Be open minded, I always say, taking the less traveled road could end up leaving you full of surprises.

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