Telling your partner that you want to try something different in bed can be awkward.

Whether you are seven years into the relationship or just started dating; the conversation isn’t the easiest to have.

Understandably so.

What if what you’re asking for is too freaky for them and they look at you different? Or what if they don’t like how it feels when you first try it out and now you have to live with that moment for the rest of your life?

You get the point.

Question is though, how will you ever know if you don’t try.

If you’re still trying to figure out how to go about asking your partner to switch it up a little bit in the bedroom, here are five helpful tips to help with that.

1.Let them know when you like what they are doing

If they do something that you like, then encourage them to keep doing it during the act.

A simple “I like that” will go a long way.


Communicate what you want in specific. Maybe you like it when he/she rubs an ice cube up and down your back. Then tell them that and not “I like being touched on my back”.

3.Show them

Show them where you liked to be touched and how you like to be touched. Direct their hands on how you’d like them to touch you.


If you’re not in a position to physically be around your partner or are too scared to tell them in person what you want, then why not text them.

You can let your inner freak out via text and say what you need to say without worrying about fumbling on your words or being to nervous to actually try it out. If they like it, then they will respond accordingly and if they don’t well, at least you didn’t see their reaction in person.

Plus, sexting helps with the build up to actually having sex.

5.Try small

If you feel like what you want may be too freaky, then start small and let it build up. Try hand cuffs and then eventually move on to blind folds and see how your partner reacts to that.

6.Never forget your partner

Know what your partner wants to try in bed as well so that it doesn’t have to be one sided. Maybe you both want the same thing – which will work out perfectly for the both of you.

Source: Everyday Girl