Not much thought is put into knowledge about orgasms – the main focus is achieving it, feeling good and moving on for most people.

But there is more to an orgasm than just a pleasurable feeling.

Here some interesting facts everyone should know about orgasms.

1.You won’t get your best orgasm in your 20s

The frequency of having sex in one’s 20s may be more but the orgasms gotten during that time are not the best ones.

According to a study by Natural Cycles – which is the first app to be certified as contraception – women over 35 experience the best orgasm of their lives then (This is despite reducing on their frequency of having sex).

2.Sex lasts an average of five minutes

The amount of time it takes a couple to climax is 5.4 minutes.

This is as per results from a 2005 study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine which studied couples in the US, UK, Netherlands and Spain.

3.Older women are more satisfied

Women who are older than, get this, 80, are more sexually satisfied than women younger than that. What?

This study was published in The American Journal of Medicine.

4.They are good for your health

Orgasms boost the immune system, lower the risk of dying from a heart disease and relieve stress among other benefits.

5.An average orgasm lasts a little longer than 20 seconds

A study conducted in Czechoslovak Psychiatric Society found that 48 percent of women experienced longer orgasms – to be more specific, between 20 seconds and two minutes.