Maintaining your reproductive health is one of the most vital elements of sexual activity.

The last thing you want is to end up with is a raging UTI because you forgot to do one simple thing after sex. Below rules to ensure your reproductive health.

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1. Make sure to pee within the first 10-5 minutes post-sex

You don’t have to jump up the minute you’re finished to hit the bathroom, but within 10 minutes is the safest bet. Have some cuddle time and take a break. This is because you don’t want to fall asleep after sex and forget to pee. If you don’t flush your urethra, an accumulation of bacteria can cause a UTI.

2. Shower

You don’t have to get in the shower the same night if you’re having sex right before bed. You can wipe yourself down with a gentle, scentless wipe. This will keep things nice and fresh, but won’t sting your vagina. When you do shower, gently rinse the entire vulva with warm water. Do not use soap on the inner parts of the vulva or vagina under any conditions.

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3. Always check the condom after sex

You’ll want to use condoms or female condoms if you’re not on an alternative form of birth control or if your partner has a transmissible STI. After sex, check to make sure the condom is free of holes or abrasions. This is a crucial step to ensure your sexual safety and reproductive health.