Of all the natural libido killers out there, probably none is more harmful than stress.

Stress is a dark beast, that sneaks over us, apparently unable to be controlled. We have busy lives and a million other things to worry about. Sex just doesn’t feel appetizing right now. Below are ways that stress affects your sex drive.

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1. Your body discharges tension hormones

So when you’re under a lot of pressure, your body begins to exude cortisol, the body’s stress hormone. When cortisol levels go up, libido goes down. High cortisol can even hinder your ability to experience orgasm. You may also experience trouble lubricating and a feeling of fatigue. You can conquer this by masturbating and have orgasms, of course.

2. It can change your body

An extra side effect of cortisol and other stress-induced hormones is a delayed metabolism. This can head to unwanted, excess weight gain; the kind you can’t seem to get rid of easily. While there is nothing wrong with putting on weight, it isn’t a secret that bodily changes can affect our self-esteem.

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3. Create time for yourself

Taking care of yourself is really necessary for reducing stress levels. It’s not simple to put time aside for yourself to relax. So devote a half to full hour entirely to yourself, daily. Take a hot bath. Fill it with essential oils. Breathe deeply and try to unwind. You might think self-care is a bit stupid, but it is so needed.