The vagina is one unique organ in a woman’s body with a self-cleansing mechanism.

It’s also a very sensitive part that needs maximum attention when it comes to hygiene. While you should always strive to ensure your vagina is in good shape and health, there are things you should never do to it.

Some of the things you should never do to your vagina include:

1. Scented soaps and perfumes

Sadly, some women have been made to believe that their vagina smell terrible. In an effort to make it smell better, they clean it with scented soaps and perfume it. Warm water is enough to clean your vagina and the scented products interfere with the pH down there causing an irritation or infection.

2. Wrong underwear

A very tight underwear can trigger yeast infection since it limits the circulation of air down there. It also allows for heat and moisture accumulation creating a favorable environment for bacteria to breed. Also, non-breathable fabrics such as lace and polyester can lead to infections. Instead, go for a cotton underwear which absorbs moisture.

3. Piercing

Whether you are piercing your vagina to feel adventurous or look sexy for your guy, it’s never a good idea. The vagina is an extra sensitive region and piercing it can lead to nerves damage. You also risk getting STDs and other infections from the piercing shop.

4. Douching

Women douche to feel fresh, prevent pregnancy after sex, and get rid of unpleasant odor. However, experts say that douching does not help in any of those and it’s actually harmful. As earlier mentioned, the vagina has its own way to clean up and douching is unnecessary. Douching affects the pH putting you at a risk of getting infections.

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5. Foreign objects

Carrots and cucumbers are for making your stew in the kitchen but not for your vagina. Inserting strange objects to your vagina could bring infections and hell, they can also get stuck!

6. No sugar

Preserve your sugar for the tea and baking. Using sugar to spice up oral sex may seem adventurous but you will be left with an infection to heal since it destabilizes the Ph.

7. Self-diagnosis

If you note an abnormal discharge or feel some irritation down there, don’t rush to the internet for a solution. You may search to have an idea but do not use the information to diagnose and treat yourself. Instead, see a doctor for proper medication.

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