Innovative Financial Service Knox Wire delivers Modern solutions for modern needs

Knox Wire is a modern payment service that provides the speed and benefits our modern society looks for.

Innovative Financial Service Knox Wire

It is characterized by lightning-fast wire payments over a network of almost 30,000 financial institutions in 200 countries and 150 currencies.

This system has modernized outdated wire transfer protocols and is truly a product of the 21st century. Real-time payments travel across a highly secure bi-directional infrastructure that offers 24-hour support. There are no upfront costs and lower transaction costs than competing services.

In a direct comparison to an industry leader, Knox Wire does not require specific hardware or a dedicated IT team, the application and training process is 1-2 weeks instead of 6-12 months, 1-5 day transaction times are replaced with near-instant transfers instead of 1-5 business days, companies can make residual revenues from transaction fees and exchange rates, and Knox Wire is accepted at 3 times more institutions than the competition.

The company is driven by a team with extensive financial and development experience. They have participated in various levels with over a dozen Fortune 500 companies and are well-versed in creating a monetary system that is highly secure with optimum functionality. It is the first system to offer true database sharding with the goal of setting a global standard in the financial industry. Knox Wire is shaping this space with its customized solutions for clients ranging from regional banks to all levels of government.


A bedrock value of this company is trust. The highest priorities are top-tier customer service, reliability, and transparency. An equally important principle is accessibility. Know Wire offers 24-hour developer support and assigns each client a dedicated account manager.

By operating on a database meets blockchain model, this innovative financial service can transfer funds, make inquiries, and validate information in real-time. The financial landscape has changed dramatically and Knox Wire hasn’t just kept up speed, they have taken a step ahead.


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