8 best types of heels for party wear

It's time to replace your flip-flops with trendy heels for the party occasion.

Low Kitten heel

For your best look, it is essential to choose elegant high heels since it elevates your overall appearance.


These heels add a new look to your personality and if you are excited to get dressed up for the party, continue to read this article. We have made your work easy since we have gathered knowledge about heels and listed the most stylish heels to wear for parties.

1. Kitten Heels

If you are not a fan of high heels but like to wear heels for a party, comfortable kitten heels are your safe bet. These heels will go absolutely great with your party dress and they will upgrade your outfit. Therefore never hesitate to wear a one-piece party dress with kitten heels, and you will look stunning as ever. The kitten heels are a perfect match with sequin dresses that portrays your stunning figure.

You can choose to wear the ideal kitten heels to look gorgeous in your maxi dresses. For versatile style, you can choose neutral shades so that they can go with most of your outfits. Also, when you don't want to slip onto mules by showing off your toes, closed-toe kitten heels come to the rescue. If you want to stay comfortable all day, you can select a pair of knit kitten heels from BURUDANI that offers a wide range of comfortable and knitted heels made with sustainable materials.

2. Oxford Heels

Oxford heels never go out of fashion, and you will love the perfect combination of sneakers and heels turning into stylish shoe pairs. If you like to pull off your stylish edgy style, get out of your comfort zone and experiment your look with classy heels for a trendy look. Oxford heels are the iconic heels that go great with monochrome outfits and party dresses.

3. Platform Heels

Platform heels are the coziest heel choice among women since they aid great support over the heel. When you don't want to wear thin sleepy heels, go with platform heels to grab the attention of the party crowd. Also, you can pick a color that matches your outfits or choosing neutral shades can help you save time. Platform heels are thick and chunky at the front making your walk cozy, unlike your pointed shoes. Therefore start wearing bodycon dresses with platform heels and show off your style.

4. Stilettos

Stilettos are the best shoes that have thin heels that make you appear taller. By wearing these thin heels your legs look sleeker and are exceptionally popular to wear with a party dress. Moreover, you will look sophisticated and classy at formal or party events. Every woman should own a pair of stilettos to show off their style, and the heel height can range between 4-6 inches. These versatile heels can be worn with every party wear. So you can get a nude or black stiletto to match your pretty party dresses and look like flawless beauty.

5. Ankle Strap Heels

To add more style to your wardrobe collection, you should own a pair of ankle strap heels. Without a doubt, you can match these heels with your party wear. When you wear mid-length dresses during party events, your legs will be exposed. So to add more beauty, you can wear ankle-strap heels and make a fashion statement. If you want to keep your feet secured, just get into ankle strap heels and it is the perfect choice for your party time.

6. Espadrille Heels

Espadrille heels are the best alternative for the woman who wishes to go with snug heels. If you are the one who wants to be cozy while you look elegant in your party wear, try on espadrille heels. You can look stylish by wearing beige-shaded espadrille heels, and they will instantly make you look impressive. Since the espadrilles are natural fibers, they aid in better cushion support, and it works for your party occasion.

7. Pumps

Pumps are similar to stilettos but lesser in height and they are 3 to 4 inches heels that you can easily match with your party dress. So get ready to purchase a few light and dark shades of pump heels and pair them with your maxi dress for an eye-catching look. Pumps are the exclusive heels to achieve the refined look and you can pair them with a party dress and jewellery for a polished style. By wearing pump heels, you can never go wrong with your trendy look.

While choosing pumps, you can go for pumps with embellishments to add some more elegance to your look. Shiny pumps can totally uplift your style and definitely you will be the show stealer. So get ready to step into your favorite pumps and pose for the camera since it's time to show off.

8. Wedges

Wedges are heels that extend from the foot to the toes and they can make you walk effortlessly. The wedges are the comfortable heel types in which you look more stylish and cozy. If you are having a hard time wearing pencil heels, wedges will give you rest for your feet. By wearing the wedges, the weight will get equally distributed and it is easy to balance making your feet supported and cozy. So without a second thought, wear wedges to match your party wear and look elegant.

Final Thoughts

It is crucial to know what types of heels suit your needs and comfort. Though heels come in various types, you have a wide range of options to style them with your party wear. Without holding yourself up, get ready to explore your wardrobe to grab the heel pairs which you are missing from the above list. Finally, it's time to flaunt your curves in your party wear by pairing it with exquisite heels and getting the party roll on!!

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