Andrea Tankovita calls fashion an expression of individuality

The evolution of fashion has been fascinating. When looked at with the right pair of eyes, it has aided style, function, and form.

Andrea Tankovitz

For versatile fashion designer Andrea Tankovitz, it has helped develop a culture of the mind that fosters consistent improvement and creativity. In this article, Andrea talks about what it takes to become successful in the fashion business.

Andrea Tankovitz begins with the clichés but puts her unique spin on them, saying, "Hard work is essential. But what's more important is to see where it's taking you. If it's taking you towards more of the same, it's time to check up on your basics. Look for what patterns need to be re-stitched and redone, and allow new patterns to take form. Then, begin again."

Andrea encourages youngsters to know what to tamper with and how to value preservation. She says, "I know there are things in the world that are sacrosanct. They are beyond our reasoning or understanding, and hence must not be meddled with. And then there are those aspects that give us ample opportunities towards changing, re-doing, and improving them. Perfection is an ever-evolving process. Where one generation peaks, another begins. The idea is to apply a high level of precision in at least one area of life - fashion in my case - and allow its bounties to trickle down to other areas. This natural integration has helped me build a life that's fulfilling creatively, socially, and spiritually."

For Andrea Tankovitz, success is a matter of perspective. She says, "It boils down to our perspective, which itself springs from our communities, homes, languages, and rituals. And as we become more global and our identities merge with other sensibilities, it's imperative not to lose sight of our individuality in this burgeoning collectivism. Therefore, I value the process. And that's something I found in common with people who are successful and content. Their work leads them, and its requirements guide them. They simply obey the demands of the process. The result then becomes a matter of time and not a deadline."


Fashion is a state of mind and a reflection of one's individuality and uniqueness, as per Andrea Tankovitz. As long as people can put that to practice, there's very little that can come in the way of their success.


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