5 things to expect in the upcoming iPhone 6s

The new iPhones are expected to carry the same design since Apple is known to stick to a two-year design refresh cycle for its smartphones.

Over the past few months, there have been many leaked pictures of what the iPhone 6s could look like.

Apple is expected to release new devices (the iPhone 6s and maybe an iPad) at its September 9 event. The Cupertino giant is known to always release fresh iPhones in September so it’s basically dead certain that we will be seeing some new devices this month.

In anticipation of Apple’s event, and from various rumors and leaks over the past few months, here 5 things to expect from the upcoming Apple iPhone flagship device:

1. Shape and feel: The new iPhones are expected to carry the same design since Apple is known to stick to a two-year design refresh cycle for its smartphones. So the new devices should come with the same metal body with rounded edges design. The new devices are expected to have a little more bulky feel however – the bendgate scandal still haunts the company – and numerous leaks have revealed that Apple is using the lighter but stronger 7000 series aluminum for the new smartphones.


2. Faster Processor: Better internals are always provided with any Apple update so the new smartphone should get a new, faster A9 processor and more RAM power as well. The upcoming iPhones are expected to come with at least 2GB of RAM.

3. Larger Camera sensor: It did take very long for Apple to move from the 5MP shooter on the iPhone 4 to the 8MP shooter on the iPhone 6 but the company is expected to give the upcoming smartphone a 12MP rear camera that also supports 4k recording.

Also, with its competitors selling ‘Selfie phones’, Apple will most likely give the new device a 5MP front facing FaceTime camera with a potentially wider aperture.

4. Force Touch: This is probably the most talked about feature to expect on the upcoming iphones. Apple has already used the technology in the Apple watch and numerous rumors and sources are very positive that the new devices will be getting Force Touch.

Force touch is a pressure-sensitive input method that can identify how heavy a users’ touch is on the screen of the phone. It has been touted to be a key feature of the iPhone Apple is expected to launch on September 9.


5. Siri: The invites for Apples’ event are Siri themed so it’s only natural to expect the company to launch an improved version of its popular assistant. Apple is also launching a revamped version of Apple TV and there has been speculation that the remote may contain something the form of Siri.

Tech heads are feverishly waiting for Apple to pull up the cloak of secrecy on its devices and none is more anticipated that the company's most popular product - the latest version of the iPhone.


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