Indian couples planning wedding after July 2015 to wait till next year

Indian couples who are planning to tie the knot after July will have to wait till next year for an auspicious alignment of planets.

Nearly 300 astrologers from four states, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra, met on Febraury 14, 2015, to discuss the matter in Mehsana.

At the meeting, all the astrologers present agreed that the wedding-nixing period was nigh, saying that Jupiter will be in an 'unpropitious' phase in that period, thus yielding 'kamurta' (unfavourable time) during which happy events such as weddings usually do not take place.

According to Mahendra Pandya, the president of Akhil Gujarat Astrological Society, who also attended the meeting, Jupiter will enter an adverse position in July 2015 and remain there till August 2016.

"If somebody has to marry due to unavoidable circumstances such as going abroad, he or she will have to perform an anusthan (propitiating ritual) for Jupiter, Moon and Sun, according to their horoscopes," Pandya said. "If a wedding takes place in this period without an anusthan, ill-effects like marital discord and family disputes are likely."


Another astrologer, Dhiren Pandya, from Ahmedabad who was also at the meeting, said that every year over 45,000 weddings take place in the state.

He said thousands marry on auspicious days alone, such as Akhatrij and Vasant Panchami — this underscores people's strong belief in synchronizing life's significant events with astrologically appropriate moments.

Kunal Shukla, a 26-year-old resident of Navrangpura — an astrologer himself — had everything set for his wedding. But when his family went to other astrologers for another opinion, they learnt about the inauspicious time and decided to keep the wedding on hold.

"We believe in astrology and will wait for a better time to tie the knot," he said.


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