The procedure, researchers and experts noted, is one of the most dangerous in the world that could cause death if not done well.

Let's face fact, we all were not born having bigger and round hips.

But working on your hips and looks is possible.

If a shapelier booty and hips are your goal, know that it’s possible with various exercises.

You won’t get it overnight, but you can tone your hips, shed some fat and achieve a firmer, rounder look with hard work and consistency.

These 5 exercises can help achieve the hip goals:

  • Squats and Squat kicks

This is one of the most fundamental moves to tone the lower body.

Kicking while squatting to can be a cardio move, so you get more bang for your buck.

  • Dumbbell squats

Follow the same steps as for squat kicks, but hold a dumbbell in each hand. The dumbbell should rest on your shoulders, just below your chin. This is a more advanced move, so start light if you’re a beginner.

  • Side leg lifts

Side leg lifts are done while lying down and raising one leg directly out to your side. This move targets the hip and glute more directly.

  • Split leg squats

This exercise is also known as Bulgarian split squats. They work the legs and glutes and increase your stability.

  • Yoga poses

A number of different yoga poses can target your glutes and hips, like chair pose.