You are what you eat. Of course, everything you eat reflects on you and your body.

Try to start a healthy diet, and watch how your skin will change, it will look so radiant, and it will also smell so good.

So, to help you have a great body odour and change your natural scent, try these foods:

  • Lemon and water

Lemon and water when mixed together have amazing benefits; water alone is a major factor of a healthy and good smelling body. When you add lemon to it, which is a citrus fruit you’re only adding more benefits to the formula.

  • Citrus fruits

Citrus fruits have a big impact on the smell of your body; citrus fruits work on getting rid of the bad smells of the body and replace it with a fresh smell. Oranges, strawberries, pineapples, and apples all fall under the citrus fruits family, so feel free to choose your favourite fruit to eat to make your body smell great.

  • Rosemary

Rosemary is one of the herbs that help give your body a really nice smell, if you love it then you’re one lucky person. Rosemary can work as a natural deodorant for body odour. It contains menthol and chlorophyll which is extremely good to keep the bacteria and thus, body odour away.

  • Cinnamon

Besides helping with bad breathe because it reduces the bacteria in the mouth, cinnamon also helps the digestive system.

  • Mint

Mint is so easy to incorporate into your diet. It has strong oils that help overcome strong unpleasant scents.