The hair is said to be ones crowning glory especially for women, and it’s normal to want to improve your hair if it’s not to your satisfaction.

But everyday exposure to dust, pollution, sun and dirt makes it an almost impossible dream to achieve.

As a habit, we all look for an instant chemical remedy for hair loss for quick results despite being aware of its many harmful consequences. Going natural is the best solution for hair problems since it doesn't have any side effects and its results are long-lasting.

If you’re trying to regrow hair that you’ve lost or would simply like to improve the hair that you have, try some of these natural remedies. Their proven benefits can help to stimulate growth and enhance the hair that you have.

  • Brown sugar

This remedy is one of the common hair treatment for dandruff.

Method: Mix 2 parts of brown sugar to 1 part of your hair conditioner and lightly rub it on your scalp.

Rinse off thoroughly.

  • Aloe Vera

Hair fall is an ever-existent problem in our lives. And it constantly captures our attention. Aloe Vera is perfect for healing the scalp and bringing the pH balance to normal. It also has cleansing properties that clean the pores out.

Method: Blend aloe vera gel with 1/2 teaspoon of lemon juice. Add 2 tablespoon of coconut oil.

Mix it and apply on your scalp and hair. Wash your hair as usual after 20 min.

  • Egg

Eggs work wonders on your hair. The yolk is rich in fat and proteins which greatly acts in moisturizing while the white helps to remove unwanted oils.

Method: Use an egg to condition normal hair, egg yolks for dry hair and whites for oily hair. Remember to rinse with lukewarm water only.

  • Lemon juice and olive oil

The lemon juice helps remove dry flakes of skin while the olive oil moisturizes the scalp.

Method: Massage your scalp with this mixture and allow it to rest for 20 minutes.

Wash off as usual.

  • Beer and egg

To add body to limp or flat hair, this is the perfect remedy.

Method: Mix 1/2 cup flat beer, 1 teaspoon of oil and 1 egg. Leave on for 15 minutes.

Rinse with water.