There’s nothing more spectacular than a fresh new look. Keeping that look stunning requires some day to day management that will protect your investment and keep you feeling beautiful and confident.

The following instructions will helps your hair wig lasts longer and ensures your wig keep its silky or wavy pattern and looks great at the same time.

  • Wash your wig

It is very okay to wash your wig. Since it is just like your real hair, therefore, it needs to be properly treated and maintained with an excellent and thorough wash.

Take note that washing your human hair wig too often can cause more harm than good. Therefore, do not wash your hair more than it’s necessary.

As you wash your wig, be gentle in handling it and be careful not to create any snags with the threading or wefts.

  • Combing

Do not comb your wig immediately after washing, comb it after the hair is dry. When combing your human hair wig, Use a special wide brush to comb your hair and make sure you start from the end all the way to top, this will prevent your hair wig from shedding.

  • Use conditioner to detangle wig

If your wig is tangling after long use, do not pull the hair, rather spray some wig-specific non-oily conditioner, and comb it with a wide-toothed comb or your hand. Take your time while doing this to achieve the best results.

  • Do not use hair spray

Avoid using hairspray on your natural hair wig, to avoid making it oily and messy

  • Store your wigs properly

After cleaning, place your human hair wig in its original packaging to make it last longer and maintain its look. You can also invest in a wig stand especially for shorter wigs.