8 things to consider before going blonde

Everything you need to know before you make a colour change

Moesha Boduong

Going from dark to blonde is very expensive and also requires great care. One might have to make a few adjustments in their lifestyle to when she decides to make this stunning big chance. Blonde hair also means a regular visit to the salon to maintain the condition of the hair.

Before you decide to go blonde, discuss with your hairstylist at least a month ahead to get you the right shade among the points listed below:

  • Choose your hair hue based on your skin tone and time of year, not what is your favourite. Finding the blonde that suits you isn’t always easy – and unfortunately, there are no quick tricks to determine whether it will. Hair colourist usually considers your eye colour and skin tone when deciding on hair colour, whether that be light or dark.
  • Invest in quality hair masque that contains conditioning and moisturizing agents such as shea butter, avocado oil, botanical and fruit oils or extracts which can be used on all types of hair. Hair masque is great for dry, over-processed brittle hair that has been damaged from the use of hair colour, chemicals and heat. 
  • Treat your hair with extra care. Avoid constant heat styling, brushing, and primping.
  • Don’t stay one shade forever. Blonde is one of the best colours to wear because there is such variety. You can be a dark caramel or white platinum.
  • Consider your budget and be aware that really big colour changes require much more upkeep than a subtle one. Changing your colour dramatically is always going to be high maintenance. You will need to be prepared to make regular visits to the salon for toners and glosses as hair that has been lightened will fade quickly as it is more porous.
  • Changing your hair colour does mean you might have to alter your wardrobe and a few key make-up items, but it doesn’t need to be dramatic.
  • Go dark in stages. Are you getting the urge to change it up and go to the dark side? Do it in stages to make sure it’s something you want. Making something dark is easy; going back to blonde is hard and expensive.
  •  Never blonde at home. Always, always, always go to a professional. 


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