A small amount of highlighter will give your skin the natural glow it just needs. This highlighting guide is something every girl should have and apply.

Foundation or not, highlighters are important. Most beauty looks aren't complete without THE glow. From your daily go-to looks to your serious face-beat, you need a highlighter to help you get your glow on. However, a great highlighter is only useful with the right technique.

Here's a go-to guide to making your highlight pop ALWAYS:

1. Choosing a highlighter for skin type

There are different types of highlighters perfect for oily and dry skin types. Oily skin may do better with a powder highlight while dry skin may do better with a liquid highlighter/illuminator. Normal skin can probably do well with both options or even with a layering of the two.

2. Choosing the shade of highlighter

Choose undertones that will complement your skin. For Olive and medium skin tones, opt for soft gold, peach, and other warm tones. It will give your skin a natural sunkissed glow. For darker skinned girls, opt for bronze, copper, and rose gold tones. These will complement your skin on a whole other level. Deep golds may also work really well.

3. Use the right brush

The right brush can make all the difference. The fan brush, a small tapered (smaller at the tip brush), or an angled brush are the usual tools for precisely applying your highlighter. This is especially important for the high points of cheeks.

4. How to apply

For a blinding glow, spray your brush with setting spray if you want an intense glow. The wetness of the brush before applying makes the highlighter much more cohesive and makes your skin look like metal.

When applying the highlight, only touch where the light or sun hits your face naturally. These areas are: the highest points of your cheeks, your forehead, the bridge of the nose, your chin, and right above your top lip. You do not have to highlight all these places, but take the time to figure out which places accentuates your look the best.

Start lightly and build up the color. Almost every highlighter in the market is building so take your hand so you don't get overboard with the glow. Being light-handed with the highlighter instead of piling on a bunch of it at once will look much more natural and appealing.