If you are like me and you come from those typical African homes where everything “artificial” is harmful, then your mother has probably warned you about hair relaxers and how your hair will fall off if you try to relax it. Or how your scalp will definitely burn and you’d be left with sores on your head.  

While the list of hair horror stories may be tall and also true, it is not the entire truth. Most of the troubles that come with relaxers stem from the fact that most of us do not choose the right relaxers and do not know how to use relaxers properly.

The best relaxer for your hair is the relaxer that leaves your hair soft and silky and your scalp intact. There are a lot of things to consider when choosing a hair relaxer. Three of the many things to consider are your hair type, the ingredients in the relaxer and the properties of the formula.

Your hair type

It is important to know your hair type if you have thick hair, it is probably coarse, while those with thin hair have smoother finer textures. Knowing your hair type will help you decide the strength of the relaxer to use.

Dark and Lovely offers you a wide range of products as well as different formula strengths: regular and super. Regular strength works well on fine smooth hair while the super-strength formula works well on coarse hair.

The ingredients in the relaxer as well as the properties of the formula

Dark and Lovely Purple Storm Promo
Dark and Lovely Purple Storm Promo

Relaxers come in Lye and No-Lye formulas. Lye relaxers give you straighter hair as compared to No-Lye relaxers, they also damage your hair more than the No-Lye relaxers. If not used properly Lye relaxers will burn your scalp. No-Lye relaxers, on the other hand, are milder and have a lower pH.

You also need to look out for relaxers that have natural products in them and will help your hair retain moisture like the Dark and Lovely Superior Moisture Plus which is enriched with Shea Butter and a moisture replenishing system which infuses and seals moisture into each hair strand.

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