A medical expert has cautioned young women against the excessive wearing of skimpy underwears otherwise known as G-strings or thongs.

In an interview with The Mirror, the gynaecologist said that the thong is made up of a sturdy piece of cloth; it is wide and has strong elastic bands whiles G-string is a narrow piece of cloth that passes between the buttocks and attached to a band around the hips.

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According to Dr Addo-Yobo, the traditional type of G-string known as “Amonsi” was heavier and prevented the flow of bacteria as compared to the modern version.

He explained that “the amonsi which used to be popular in the past did the right job, it was not tight, while “the string picks up bacteria at the anus and deposits them in the vaginal and the ureteral orifice resulting in the infection”.

“You will feel weak, irritation of the skin, redness sore, smell and so on. If you don’t get treatment, it gets worse. However, it is better if the G-string is loose,” he noted.

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He also warned against frequent douches with chemicals which could also lead to infections.