5 reasons to visit the dentist regularly

If you are considering skipping a dental checkup, read this article to make sure you’ve considered all the risks.

  • Remove tartar
  • Oral cancer detection

Mouth cancer is one of several types of cancer grouped in a category called head and neck cancers. Also called oral cancer, it can be treated when diagnosed at an early stage.

  • Head, neck, and lymph node checks

As a part of the regular checks, dentist checks your mouth, gums, and tongue for signs or oral cancer, your dentist will also check your neck, jaw, and lymph nodes, located just below your jawline, for any swelling, lumps, or other abnormalities.

If an abnormality is found it could be a sign of a major health issue, and your dentist will alert you to it and refer you the appropriate medical professional.

  • Keeping bad habits in check

Habits such as chewing ice, biting your nails, clenching your jaw, grinding your teeth, eating particularly sticky or hard sweets, smoking among others can cause negative impacts on your oral health. Visit the dentist regularly for check-ups.

  • Use your dental insurance benefit

Most workers don’t utilize their dental insurance before the year ends. While specifics may vary by policy, most dental insurance plans will pay for two cleanings/ checkups a year.


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