How STDs can happen without sex

Other activities aside from sex could contribute to contracting STDs.

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Sexually transmitted diseases or STDs mostly occur due to unsafe sexual practices.


Some other activities could, however, contribute to contracting STDs too.

It is important to know this aspect of STDs because many people find it very arousing to engage in non-penetrative sexual activities. The need and satisfaction requirements of people in sex vary from individual to individual. This leads to exploring newer and non-traditional ways of getting an orgasm.

Sometimes hygiene is ignored when there is no penetration. It is wrongly believed that only intercourse has a risk of hygiene.

With the knowledge of the STDs mentioned below, one can be aware of the risks and take care:

  • Blood transfusion​

It is a fact that several STDs can happen due to faulty blood transfusions.

Whenever you are going for a blood transfusion make sure to collect it from a trusted blood bank and verify it.

  • Sharing sex toys

Sex toys are one of the non-traditional methods of getting satisfaction.

Using someone else sex toys can pass STDs conveniently. Also, if you are using it single-handedly, make sure to clean it properly after every use and keep it in a hygienic place.

  • Sharing toothbrush​

The risk of getting a sexually transmitted disease through using someone’s toothbrush is nearly the same as getting it through oral sex.

While brushing the teeth there are chances of toothbrushing getting contaminated with blood from the mouth. When this brush is used by someone else, it actively transfers the pathogens to the other person.

  • Kissing

Kissing can help transmit oral herpes-HSV 1, genital herpes-HSV 2, Cytomegalovirus, and Syphilis.

The golden rule is if you have cold sores in your mouth, do not engage in kissing. The saliva can be a carrier of infection-causing pathogens.

  • ​Oral sex​

Oral sex has always been seen as a higher risk of transmitting infection. Despite being unsafe it is one of the most common forms of sex these days.

Chlamydia and gonorrhoea are spread through oral sex. This also poses a risk for syphilis and genital herpes if there is a blister or sore in the genital area which goes unnoticed.


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