video How to use blade perfectly to shape the brows

Till now, the (razor) blade remains a favourite of many ladies for shaping the brows and you should try it too.


Till now, the (razor) blade is still a favourite of many ladies for shaping the brows and generally getting them to stay 'fleeky'. Blade is generally a great way to get the brows neatly lined and defined though it's a repetitive process that doesn't last but for the moment it's the perfect tool.

Using the blade however requires a lot of practice before use as you can end up with overly thin brows (total turnoff), crooked brow shape (where in most cases you'd end up shaving everything off or fill/draw in with brow pencils and creams while praying for the brows to grow back- hopefully) or cutting yourself amongst other factors but when gotten perfectly, its about the best way to get brows in shape and very fast.

The blade though a temporary way to fix brows comes highly recommended for a fast neat trim, get stray hairs out of the way before defining the brows amongst other factors as seen in the tutorial.


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