Is drinking water before bed healthy?

Do you drink a glass of water before bed? Here's what's happening:

Do you drink water before bed? [Conscious Water]

Daily hydration is very important for the proper functioning of our body.

We are reminded to drink water by phone applications, magic bottles and glasses placed in every possible corner of the house.

Some of us drink the last glass of water right before going to bed. Is it good idea? Experts explain when it's best to drink the last glass of water of the day.

  • Drinking water right before bed can disrupt your natural sleep cycle and make you wake up more often during the night.
  • A glass of water taken two hours before falling asleep will ensure optimal hydration during sleep

Drinking water before bed is to ensure proper hydration at night. However, scientists point out that drinking water before bed is not always healthy.

The idea is that when we drink one or two glasses of water right before going to bed, we can disrupt our natural sleep cycle. Why? At night, the need to urinate is reduced, allowing us to sleep for six to eight hours straight. Drinking before bed can make us wake up at night to go to the toilet.

Disturbed sleep patterns can adversely affect heart health and also increase the risk of high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol levels.

Sleep disorders specialist, Jessica Vensel Rundo explains in an interview with Cleveland Clinic that it is generally not recommended to drink a lot of water before bed, but a small amount is fine. He also adds that you should drink the last glass of water of the day two hours before going to bed . This also applies to other drinks.


"Developing the habit of drinking water before bed can help people reach their daily fluid limit," notes dietitian Lauren Manaker in an interview with

According to research, water deficiency can negatively impact your overall sleep-wake cycle. A 2014 study tested 52 people who habitually drank a lot (22 people) or a little (30 people) of fluids. It turns out that for people who normally drank a lot of water, limiting their water intake was associated with an increase in anxiety and a decrease in positive emotions, compared to when they could drink as much water as usual.

People with low fluid intake showed an increase in positive emotions, satisfaction and calmness when they started consuming more water.

In addition, drinking water, especially warm water, is one of the natural ways to help cleanse the body and improve digestion. Drinking warm water before bed will ensure optimal hydration throughout the night and will also help get rid of excess toxins (when sweating). Warm water can also relieve stomach pain and cramps.


It is important to drink adequate amounts of water during the day so as not to dehydrate the body. If we drink water before going to bed, it is worth drinking the last glass no later than two hours before falling asleep.

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