Popular fashion model Joan Smalls inks a deal with cosmetic giant; Estee Lauder for a line of matte lipstick collection.

The collection features twelve vibrant shades of matte lipsticks which comes in Pink 'Neon Azalea', Black Cherry 'Commanding' as well as two shades of purple named 'Extrovert' and 'Shameless Violet'.

The top model attracted attention when she shared the violet lips she wore to the 2014 MET on Instagram instantly attracting attention, She also quipped to Vogue on starting the 'lip trend' “I was like, this is so cool. People are really reacting to it in a very positive way" in an interview where she revealed a lipstick partnership.

Joan Smalls joins Kendall Jenner who also recently landed a lipstick deal with Estee Lauder.

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The line is raved for its texture that's fast making it a bestseller as well as creamier other dry or flaky like other matte lipsticks.

Take a first look at the collection and her ad for the brand above.