You need not stay away from changing your hairstyles just because styling your hair causes damages.

No matter how naturally beautiful your hair is, you’d want to style it at some point in time. Most women stay away from styling their hair because of fear of breakage.

There are some too who style their hair, however, end up having bad hair fall due to damage and breakage.

But these steps will help prevent all the breakages while you straighten or iron your hair:

  • Routine hair mask

If you’re a person who straightens your hair every once in a while it is utmost important that you provide nourishment to your hair regularly. One of the best things that you can do for your hair is a healthy hair mask every week.

  • Prep the hair

Before you straighten your hair, prep your hair by washing it with a good shampoo and a nourishing conditioner that will help you beat damage.

  • Apply good heat protectant spray or cream

Once you completely dry your hair, apply a good heat protectant spray on your hair before you straighten it. Heat protectant spray is a must-use product every time you run a straightener through your hair if you rarely straighten it. Such sprays will keep your strands away from damage, helps them look shiny, and repair any damage that’s already there.

  • Separate your hair into sections:

Separate your hair into different sections that can be straightened in one go with the help of hair clips. This is very important because this way you can concentrate well on each part separately and you will not straighten the same hair again and again.

  • After straightening serum is a must

Use a good hair serum after you straighten your hair. Hair serums will keep your hair healthy and make them look shiny and smooth. They give the perfect finishing your hair requires after being straightened.

  • Oil massage before shower

Massage your hair with coconut oil, almond, oil, or a mixture of essential oils before you wash your hair. This will add life to your hair and keep your scalp healthy.