6 makeup mishaps that are aging women

Many women end up looking older than their real ages because they fail to follow simple makeup application techniques.

Makeup application (spainnovations)

As simple as applying makeup might be, below are six makeup mishaps that are having great effect on how you young you look.

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Some women think that the older they get the more makeup they need to “youthify” their face. Foundation that's too thick will settle into fine lines and sap the luminosity from your skin. "Only use foundation where you need it to even out discoloration," says makeup artist Frances Hathaway. You don't have to cover every inch of your skin.

To make your mouth look fuller choose bright lipsticks and glosses over deep shades. Makeup artists use another trick to create the illusion of luscious lips: Before applying color, trace a highlighter pencil along your upper lip line, then buff it out with your finger.

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Some women are acquainted to the traditional style of putting blush on the apples of their cheeks.

Rather than concentrating it on the apple of your cheek, brush it sparingly up along the cheekbone, using the center of your eye as a guide for your starting point. The upward sweep also gives the illusion of pulling your face upward, slimming it.

Also women must choose blush that are harmonious with their lip colour. Choose colors that are soft and sheer, giving the cheeks a fresh glow.

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Wearing eyeliner makes your eyes look open but using the wrong colour can make your look clown-like. Using a brown eyeliner is the great way to add flare to your appearance over black. A thick liner can leave the upper lids looking heavier than they are.

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Playing up your lower lashes can make your eyes look droopy and draw attention to dark circles. Instead, curl your upper lashes and wiggle a volumizing mascara into their roots and slowly through the ends for the most uplifting effect.

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The borders of the lips soften with age, and any extra lipstick migrates easily. To avoid bleeding colour, use your finger or a lip brush so that you don't deposit too much pigment. Concentrate the lipstick in the center of your mouth, and blend it out with a finger. Top it with a moisturizing balm or light gloss.

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