Myth or fact? Does drinking beer lead to a fat belly?

Ever since a man with a pot belly assumed that it's beer that made it big?

You are likely to get fat from beer

The catch

How true is it that taking a lot of alcohol leads to a big belly? Have you heard of a beer belly before? It means some people have a big belly because of drinking too much beer.

Let’s dissect this assumption and separate the myth from the fact.

If you are trying to lose weight and you are still drinking beer, then it is obvious you aren’t serious about your goal.

An average can of beer contains more than 150 calories. Plus, it increases appetite, so in addition to the calories you get from the food, you are adding more from alcohol intake.

When you drink a lot of alcohol, your liver burns the alcohol first and not the food you eat which makes you pack on weight.

Men will most likely have a beer belly because of how fat is stored in their bodies. Men store fat in their stomachs while women do in their arms, legs and buttocks - and also their tummy.

However, beet=r affects men more by decreasing the level of testosterone in their bodies.

Beer belly is dangerous to have because it contains visceral fat that can lead to more dangerous diseases like diabetes, hypertension and cancer.

Spirits and wine do not have as much alcohol as beer does. Studies have shown that wine drinkers are healthier than those who drink spirits or beer.

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