4 ways to stop hair from breaking this harmattan

The biggest culprit when it comes to fussy natural hair is breakage.

The lack of protein makes your hair stretchy and stringy while the lack of moisture can make it brittle and prone to breaking.Following are simple ways to prevent hair from breaking.

1. Loosen up occasionally 

Protective styles (braids, weaves, etc.) are always great because you don't have to worry about styling your hair. However, if left in too long, they can add tension to the hair fiber leading right to breakage.

For braids, try not to wear them longer than 10 weeks. For hair extensions, try not to leave them in past three months.

2.Wrapyourhairup in a silkscarforsleep on a silkpillowcase

Silk retains moisture, unlike cotton, which robs your hair of it. It's a good idea to sleep with your hair wrapped in the soft fabric. Silk also doesn't cause friction between it and your strands, thanks to the slip it gives, which also creates less breakage in the end.

3.Gowith natural products

Sometimes breakage is your hair’s reaction to a styling product. Pay attention to what’s working or not working and slowly discontinue the products that may be causing you hair trouble.

To nurse your hair back to health, try going all-natural by strictly using organic fruit oils, natural butters (like shea or cocoa), honey, aloe vera juice, and water.

4.Trim or cut

Get rid of those bad ends by trimming or cutting off the damage. To see how far you should snip, do the curl test. Take a small section of hair, dampen with water by using a spray bottle, do a two-strand twist, and check your ends.

If the ends are frayed or tangled, trim the tip until your ends create a perfect curl.  Healthy ends aren’t split or tangled; they are tight, smooth, and coiled


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