Call me paranoid but I have been pranked too many times to fall for an April Fools Day trick – until I do. Pranks are pretty cool until they are not and actually cause harm. Please be mindful so we can avoid tragedies later. 

Enjoy the annual day where it’s completely acceptable to pull pranks on anybody and everyone. 

Here are 5 simple April Fools' pranks you can pull on your people. Some that might seem familiar and some that might be new. But don’t forget it all comes with revenge. 

Switch sugar and salt bowls

Switch sugar and salt bowls Switch sugar and salt bowls

This is one of my favourite pranks of all time. It gives a very bittersweet experience – lol. Replace sugar with salt inside the sugar bowl and do vice versa for the salt container. Then sit back and watch everyone’s reaction at the table. 

Cling film the toilet

cling film your toilet seat cling film your toilet seat

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Imagine it refuses to flush after taking a dump. Horrific right? Get this very reaction by lining the insides of the toilet with cling film. A little deception to cause a big splash. 

Temper with the chair

Height adjustment Height adjustment

This is a classic prank for an office setting. Very harmless but effective to set the mood for the day. Simple adjust the height and reclining angle of your colleague's chair and watch them struggle to sit. 

The faulty mouse

Faulty mouse Faulty mouse

Another great April fools day prank at work. A small piece of sticky tape or paper over the laser “eye” of the mouse will render it completely useless. A few strategically placed pieces of tape or Post-its around your department will have co-workers scratching their heads to find out the cause.  

Tissue toes

Stuffed shoes Stuffed shoes

Make them wonder why their shoes don’t suddenly fit by balling tissue paper into their shoes. The only downside is you have to actually put your hands inside a smelly shoe!