Seriously, these well-known women DGAF when it comes to their bodies and other people’s opinions. 

Although beauty ads and photoshopped models are consistently trying to make us believe stretch marks are an abomination, these women are the inspiration we look up to keep our sanity intact. 

Don’t let airbrush pictures of models with unrealistic body standards make you feel less of a woman. Stretch marks or not, you are still one beautiful and gorgeous looking feline!

Chrissy Teigen

The smart celebrity mom, wife and ex-model is very ferocious when it comes to internet trolls. But we love how she does it in a witty, sarcastic clapbacks. And she’s definitely not going to let anybody tell her how her body should look.  

Kelly Rowland 

Kelly shared a beach pic putting her striped 'butt' on display with the caption, “Bitch be Humble”. And since she tagged Kendrick Lamar in the photo is safe to assume she’s taking a cue from his song titled, Humble. Which condemns the unrealistic beauty standards women are burdened with. 


Bad Girl Riri has no problem flaunting her beautiful striped hairy thighs. The musician has always served her hot sassy self undeniably realistic over the years. Remember when she stood up against domestic abuse? Yep, she’s nobody’s pushover especially not some crazed fashion god somewhere banishing stretchmarks!

Lady Gaga

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This picture of Lady Gaga shuts down two of societies expectations of a woman’s body. Stretch marks? Checked. Saggy boobs? Checked. As demonstrated by the Queen, there is nothing wrong with not having firm breast or flawless skin. Who else wants to own it as Gaga does?

Ashley Graham

I don’t know about you, but seeing this pic of cellulite and stretch marks of the model's thighs is oddly satisfying. The plus-sized model is geared up on her campaign to changing to suffocating beauty standards placed on women. Looking at her gloriously displayed cellulite, am not ashamed of mine now. 

Work out, eat well and love the skin you are in. Don’t be ashamed of a few bumps and lumps!