Dangerous things women do with their lady parts

It's crazy

But apparently, women are doing all sort of things with their lady parts more than you could ever think of. Women have accorded their vagina many other roles some of which can be pretty dangerous.

Here are some of the weirdest things women are doing with their vagina:

1. Vaginal smoking

Besides the normal smoking method, women have come up with a new technique to smoke weed. Instead of smoking through their mouth, women are now getting high through their lady parts. Originally, vaginal smoking was used in spas to freshen up the vagina and scent it using herbs but women have gotten so creative nowadays.

2. Tampons soaked in alcohol

Seemingly, it is easier to get higher when the alcohol gets absorbed through the vagina. So, women are soaking their tampons in vodka before inserting them into the vagina. This however can be a risky business as the alcohol destabilizes the vagina’s PH, which could lead to yeast infection.

3. Piercing

Strange, right? You got it right and women have vowed to make every other part of their body pretty, the vagina not excluded. Some women are piercing their vagina and even putting on glamorous rings just to feel sexy and entice their men in the bedroom.

4. Vagina steaming

Despite the vagina being a self-cleansing organ, women still feel there is need for more. Vaginal steaming is meant to not only cleanse the vagina but also detox it leaving one fresh. Gynecologists, however, believe that vaginal steaming is unnecessary since the vagina is wired to perfectly cleanse itself.

5. Baby pod

Scientists will never cease to shock us with their new inventions each day. Women can now play music to their fetuses through their vagina! All you need is purchase a baby pod, fill it with sweet and soothing music then insert it to your vagina for the baby to enjoy.

6. Ovipositioning

This is the scariest thing you might have ever heard but it is happening.  It involves inserting alien eggs such as those of reptiles, insects or amphibians into the vagina which some women find very arousing. It is some sort of fetish and the idea behind it is to impregnate oneself with alien eggs.  A phallic-shaped sex toy is used to insert the eggs into the vagina.


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