Fat-positive’ is a watchword that describes behaviours and concepts that promote fatness and fat people as attractive, striking and amazing. This is to promote inclusivity that shows that fat people are part of a natural collection of body diversity.

Fat women (Coco Chanel) Fat women (Coco Chanel)

And because we live in a culture that embraces fat-negative behaviours and attitudes as normal, we have to work very hard or deprogram the bias we have been taught. 

We have to teach others and ourselves that there’s nothing wrong with being fat (if you are healthy. Plus fat people have unique qualities that need to be celebrated. 

Body positivity Body positivity

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These are 5 ways to be ‘fat-positive’ for yourself and others too!

1.  Compliment yourself and other fat people. Tell yourself and your friends that you are doing absolutely fabulous and deserve that extra piece of cheesecake - lol. 

2.  It’s ok to be intimate. Don’t be shy of your body – ever! Be out there exploring, experimenting and enjoying with whomever. 

3.  Be outgoing and expressive especially with other fat people. You would probably hear less hurtful remarks and be happier.

Be happy Be happy

4.  If you would watch porn- watch ones that feature your similar body type. It forms a kind of intimate connection for mind-blowing orgasms. 

5.  Stop jumping on every diet fab! You are doing our body more harm than good. Stressing yourself might just be doing the opposite of getting you to lose weight.