Never mix these cleaning products — serious disaster may occur

Do you sometimes combine different products to intensify their effect? If so, watch out!

Do you sometimes mix cleaning agents? [Homedits]

Do you sometimes mix vinegar with ready-made detergents? This is very dangerous! This combination may lead to allergies, burns and even poisoning.

Well, vinegar, often used for cleaning, can react with chemical detergents such as toilet fluid or bleach. When this reaction occurs, the chlorine contained in these agents begins to escape, which is very dangerous for the lungs.

Another example is the combination of bleach and rubbing alcohol. While this may seem like the perfect combination for removing stains, you should avoid it. Why? Because when these two substances combine, chloroform begins to be released, which can damage the eyes and skin, and negatively affect the respiratory and nervous systems.


Danger also lurks when, after washing the surfaces with store detergents, you wipe them with vinegar. Chlorine will also start to be released into the air, which can be irritating.

We often hear about the wonderful properties of baking soda and vinegar. These two ingredients are invaluable when cleaning and are often combined to obtain a universal cleaning paste. But are we really doing the right thing? Not necessarily!

If we combine baking soda and vinegar, a chemical reaction will occur and the mixture will start to foam. This reaction produces sodium acetate, carbon dioxide and water - none of which have cleaning properties.

Remember, cleaning your home is not only about fighting dirt but above all about taking care of your health. Therefore, always check what products you use when cleaning!

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