Date night ideas for busy parents

They say that parenting is a full-time job. It is more than a full-time job. Being a parent leaves you very little time for ‘me’ time to talk less about date nights.

Good parenting

The things which are seen as ‘indulgences’ are often cast by the wayside when it comes to juggling school, work, keeping everyone fed and clean, homework, and other activities.

Nurturing a relationship is very important and that’s why regular ‘date nights’ are something that couples should endeavor to incorporate into their lives.

So, if you’re a busy parent, here are some date night ideas that could be perfect for you

Take a cooking class.

Instead of going out to dinner, take a cooking class together and then eat what you’ve prepared.

Grab lunch during the work week

Bring your own bag lunches or eat out at a place nearby.

It makes the workday better and is just fun to do something that feels spontaneous in the middle of the day.

Watch a favorite movie or show

There are always great options on Netflix or Amazon Prime for this. Pop some popcorn, or grab a bowl of ice cream and snuggle up for a movie together.

Have a picnic

Spread a blanket out on the floor and make it as cozy as you’d like. Whether it’s dinner or dessert, take it to the living room and have a picnic. This one is easy to combine with your favorite movie or games.

Play games together

We love a good board game around here. But we’ve had lots of fun with dancing or karaoke-style video games, too. I always forget how fun it is to just play games together until we do. And we never regret pulling something out of the game closet.

Take the day off together

If you are both working, try taking your annual leave on the same days. Even if you are taking leave for a specific reason, if the children are at school, there might be time to go and do something date-like. You could go out for lunch, catch a film or do something fun and exciting.

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