Over the years, the novel of pageantry in Africa has always been wheeled around physical attributes of contestants, personality traits, intelligence and talent.

Declaring the winner of a pageant has always been the contestant who is able to woo the judges on the final day. But one relevant question remains unanswered. What happens to these pageants after they win the contest?

Miss Glam Unique Africa audition date
Miss Glam Unique Africa audition date

About the pageantry

Miss Glam Unique Africa is a pageant which seeks to bring together women from various cultural backgrounds across Africa to compete, learn, experience and identify opportunities in the beauty industry. The sole purpose of Glam Unique Africa is to answer the aforementioned question by raising beauty entrepreneurs.

It is important to note that, the African beauty industry according to research is estimated at a mouthwatering $10 billion and this indicates a strong investment opportunity for Glam Unique Africa Pageants.

15 contestants from around Africa will be spending 5 weeks in a house. Every week has a particular task that will be assigned to them to execute.

All assigned tasks have elements of business development. This is to challenge the contestants and groom them to have self-confidence, gain exposure to the world of pageantry and ready to take on the business world as beauty entrepreneurs.