All other parties can officially go home because what Wakanda is transporting to Coco Vanilla at A&C is truly next level. The team uploaded a series of pictures and video scheduled to happen at the event on Saturday -Issa party shut down!

If you keep up with the word on the streets you would know that the lit-est pool party is about to go down on the 25th of May in the pools of Coco Vanilla with a huge group of A-listers.

Wakanda pool party
Wakanda pool party

DJ Mensah is guaranteed to freak y'all out with his wicked mixes. Want an excuse to dance with the cute stranger? Request a song, and boom: problem solved. Whilst a warm wet welcome from the curvaceous Moesha is certainly going to get things up and pooping.


A performance from the young international DJ ever, DJ Switch is scheduled to dazzle guests with a few implausible dance moves from the Incredible Zigi for an overall vibe. And oh yes, you better believe Coco Trey got fresh tunes ready for everyone. 

And IDK if you are waiting for the world to end or whatever, but this is going to be a fricking lit pool party. 

P.S. No party poopers allowed!!!