Vodafone Ghana, on Monday (June 27), brought together Ghanaian business owners, experts and developers at Labadi Beach Hotel in Accra to introduce its “Internet of Things” (IoT) technology expansion and new benefits.

Machine-2-Machine (M2M) technology, which fuses into the general concept of the “Internet of Things” is considered the new frontier of telecommunications across the world. It helps machines and devices to connect to each other and communicate, providing a transformational tool on how people run their businesses and lives.

Matt Hatton, global C.E.O of Machina Reseach, Angela Mensah Bonsu, Head of Vodafone Business, Alex Opoku-Yeboah, and Eddie from Vodafone Business Solution led the forum with comprehensive analysis on how new and old business can benefit from the IoT service provided by Vodafone Ghana.

Vodafone Ghana IoT service provides businesses with centrally hosted secure self-service which delivers authentic and access control, near real-time usage, and management of any global SIM.

“Our solutions promise to deliver usage at ‘near’ realtime – meaning, 1/10th of milliseconds will provide that information to you. That is life saving enough,” Eddie stated during his presentation.

He said businesses can manage four networks on just one Vodafone SIM with Vodafone Ghana’s IoT services.

So instead of signing four contracts with four different mobile network operators, businesses can manage more on just one SIM, he added.

“IoT means a SIM is not in a room environment. So the SIM that is your phone is with you and it keeps your temperature. The SIM will begin to malfunction when it goes beyond 35 or 50 degrees. So we have SIMs that can withstand every temperature,” said Eddie.

Vodafone IoT service covers some of the most crucial areas of the economy including health, transport, logistics, banking, utilities and security.

Globally, Vodafone is ranked the best in M2M with about 21.5 million SIMs currently connecting assets in various industries in the world.

Chief of Obo Kwahu and a representative from the Ministry of Communications graced the forum.

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