Body Positivity:10 Ghanaian female celebrities who love to show skin

June 2nd 2022, 3:26:15 pm

Anytime the topic of women or ladies showing skin surfaces, it tends to generate a lot of conversations amongst people, especially when it has to do with female celebrities.

10 Ghanaian female celebrities who love to show skin in outfits

In the world of fashion, it is believed that a woman who shows more skin is empowered because she is expressing freedom, confidence, and self-love. In deeper insight, it is believed that she shows her sexual agency in a society that attempts to repress women's sexuality.

However, not everyone sees things through the lens of fashion especially among Ghanaians so they often have a different stance on the issue. They claim that these female celebrities are simply displaying a "pornified" version of themselves.

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Either way, wearing revealing couture has come to stay, as celebrities all around the globe especially in Ghana keep embracing this culture which seemingly drives the message of body positivity.

Celebrities like Efia Odo, Fantana, Hajia 4real, and others are icons when it comes to the ‘raunchy’ culture fashion. They nail it and give it their 100 percent always like the style divas they are.

This report is a compilation of 10 Ghanaian female celebrities who love to show skin.

1.Efia Odo

Efia Odo is a force to reckon with when it comes to wearing revealing clothes. She nails it every time.

2.Afia Schwar

Ghanaian comedienne, Afia Schwarzenegger, is also one celebrity that exudes so much confidence in her body as she rocks outfits that show skin often.


Ghanaian singer, Sefa, knows how to do the 'raunchy' outfits like no other. She sizzles more when she shows skin.

4.Kisa Gbekele

When you spend lots of dollars on acquiring your ultimate body clothes, you don not hide it beneath oversized dresses, the exact story of Kisa Gbekele.


Celebrity influencer Shugatiti owes 'showing skin' a big THANK YOU because that was what shot her to fame.

6.Hajia 4real

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With a voluptuous physique like Hajia 4reals's body, you know your closet must be dominated by hot trendy collections that accentuates the curves but most importantly tells the richness of the skin.

7.Akuampem Poloo

Not only does she show skin, she crossed the line with it and faced the law for it, she is a rebel when it comes to wearing outfits that shows her skin.

8.Wendy Shay

Wendy Shay's closet has a lot of raunchy outfits on stage and off-stage. She keeps up with the 'Bad Gyal' image just the right way.

9.Feli Nuna

The Towel singer has ushered in a new season of self-love for women and her recent appearances in bathroom towels tells it all.


Fanata is 'skin'. A visit to her Instagram page would give you a good understanding of why she made it to our page.

Daniel Nti
A photo model turned lifestyle writer with an eye for fashion trends, world cultures, languages, food, oceans, wild spaces and urban places by nature.


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