These celebs might as well have gone naked at the 2018 MTV VMA Awards (Photos)

They definitely turned heads at the awards.

And we didn’t expect anything less – I mean Lady Gaga wore a meat dress to the awards in 2010. Bleugh.

There were those celebs that looked drop dead gorgeous in their pink carpet ensembles – hey J-Lo – but there were others that got us a little bit confused with what they wore.

Now, we aren’t sure what the theme for this year’s Awards was – if there was one - but from the looks of things, the theme might as well have been naked because these celebs left zero to the imagination.

1.Amber Rose

She could have just saved the dominatrix look for the bedroom or at least waited until Halloween to wear this.

2.Blac Chyna

Little effort went into this outfit. Could you tell?

3.Rita Ora

It felt as though she was trying too hard with this one.

4.Nicki Minaj

She literally wore a swimming costume to the pink carpet. Where's the pool party at sis?

5.Sky Day

I don't get it? Was she trying to imitate Lil Kim's previous VMA putfit a couple of years ago or was her right boob really that hot under her jacket?

To each their own, I guess.


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