Others you bought as a trend piece and eventually start to feel tired. You should have a solid work bag in your rotation: It's roomy enough for papers, looks structured enough to bring to a professional meeting or job interview, and shows that you're successful enough to have splashed out a little.

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2. Comfortable neural heels and slippers

From jeans to a mini dress, everything casual in your closet matches with these slippers. You can pull them on without thinking whether they'll match, and, blessedly, they're comfortable.

3. A simple, tailored dressIt's the clothing version of the aforementioned shoes that fits you perfectly and makes for a good palette to dress up or down with different accessories or a blazer. Need something for a last-minute party? Done. Just got asked to attend a nice sit-down dinner with clients? Perfecto.

4. Something you feel confident inReally, this one is so up to you. The piece itself can range between any category imaginable, whether a dress, a simple top, or a pair of amazing shoes. Whatever it is, it's become a piece you can count on for an instant dose of personal pizza and a boost of confidence.

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5. An evening bagUnless you find yourself attending a slew of formal parties for work or personal reasons, you really only need one good clutch or minaudière.

Your chosen piece should be small enough to not be bulky, but large enough to fit the basics. Keeping it fairly simple means it'll match with everything, but do look for something that makes you smile with a special detail.