Hair extensions may pose a fire hazard

November 25th 2022, 12:52:16 pm

The role played by hair in our society has been significant throughout history. It has been associated with youthfulness, confidence and beauty among women, as well as vigour and valour among men.

Hair extensions may pose a fire hazard

It is therefore no surprise that men and mostly women purchase hair extensions, synthetic or otherwise, to enhance their natural hair volume and radiance.

Despite the powerful attributes associated with hair extensions that go beyond a visual appeal, most consumers do not realize that the synthetic hair extensions on the market are either flammable or flame-retardant.

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Most synthetic hair extensions are made from plastic fibres that are non-resistant to heat; as such, they will either burn or melt once they come into contact with heat or flames. In other words, extreme temperatures, the use of hot objects such as curling irons and straighteners, and exposure to open flames can cause your hair extensions to catch fire.

This poses a safety hazard and could have disastrous consequences, such as loss of hair and skin burns. Many people have suffered burns on their scalp, arms, face, and neck because of flammable hair extensions. In 2019, American celebrity and former X-men star Nicholas Hoult admitted he was terrified his wig would catch fire while on the set of his movie “The Favourite.”

Despite this dire impact, there’s good news.

The good news

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First introduced to the world in 1957 by Japanese technology, Kanekalon fibre is a soft, lightweight material with a human hair-like texture that is flame-retardant. Purchasing synthetic hair extensions made from Kanekalon fibres can greatly protect your skin and hair from burning, as they do not easily catch fire, have self-extinguishing properties, and reduce the intensity and speed of fire.

How to determine hair extensions that are flammable and flame-retardant?

When choosing synthetic hair extensions, all you need to do is read the packaging to have a fair idea of the product’s quality. The labels on the products enable you to determine which synthetic hair extension to purchase. For instance, a hair extension packaging that reads, “100% synthetic,” is usually a polypropylene fibre that is not fire retardant hence must be avoided.

On the other hand, if the packaging reads “100% Kanekalon fibre” that is the right hair extension to purchase given it is fire retardant. Hair extension brands like Darling Obaasima Max, Outre or X-pressions are made from Kanekalon fibres.

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Influencers such as Naa Ashorkor, Gloria Olurunto (Maraji) and Bukslay took to social media to demonstrate how flammable and flame-retardant hair extensions can affect consumers.


If you’re planning on buying or already own a synthetic hair extension, it is important to read the label and possibly test the product (if possible) to determine if the product is made from Kanekalon fibre.

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