Between making an album and debuting a collection,

At the time of the concert/fashion show, the merchandise pieces were originally included a minimal all red T-shirt, hoodie, beanie, and hat that are emblazoned with his lyric "I feel like Pablo."

However, the styles have since evolved and expanded from what was initially offered at the show. The new pieces include a jean jacket and hoodie, which could have been the items that fans who bought the ticket packages will be receiving in the mail.

Just when we thought he had shown us all he had, Joe Perez, the art director and designer for DONDA, shared a photo of another The Life of Pablo merch on Instagram.

This time it was a  jean jacket with the printed version of signatures that were in Kanye's notepad from the studio. Apparently, the jacket has not been released yet, meaning it will be a limited edition. We’ll keep you posted as things evolve.

The merchandise, which showcases more mainstream pieces that his Yeezy season 3 collection, possesses a lot more appeal with it’s functionality and personal connection to Kanye. Would you cop the merch pieces? let us know below.