Style inspiration: Joselyn Dumas is a real 'Glamour Girl' in this black outfit

Here's Joselyn Dumas slaying in black like no other.

Joselyn Dumas

Black is more than a colour — it's a lifestyle, and nothing but the inkiest hue will do.

Some people wear black because it can be paired with any apparel. In the fashion world, the colour black pretty ranks high. It's classic, simple, and can be versatile. It all depends on which pieces you wear and how you put them together.

In fashion, black is associated with elegance, class, and power, but slaying in a black dress depends on how you dress up for that event. The style cut and accessories also matter when stepping out in a black dress.

We spotted actress Joselyn Dumas on the gram and we couldn't stop staring.


Joselyn has offered us countless styling tips over the years, but this move might just be one of our favourites. She is inspiring our perfect Wednesday look.

Her fashion sense has evolved and she sets the trend for many young people.

Aside from her beautiful outfit ideas she serves us at various events, she sure knows how to look good in chic in black.

On the gram, she employed the services of designer Dahmola while touring in Nigeria after her new movie 'Glamour Girls' was premiered on Netflix last month and she came out blazing. The lace fabric gown is absolutely beautiful.

Joselyn is a shade of beauty with her makeup and we love the nude makeup which is perfect for her look. Her pony hairstyle that had few tresses cascading on her face is something to behold.


Her new look is sexy and classy, sultry yet refined. Perhaps, we need to thank her stylist for this transformation.


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