It so happens in life where heroes, and legends alike are celebrated. Fathers Day, is fast approaching and its just one of the moments where amazing people such as fathers. It is a day set aside to honor fathers and celebrate fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in society.

On fathers day, people ultimately seek to put smiles on the face of fathers, acknowledge their hard work and make them feel special. They do this in ways such as gifting their daddies, throwing parties, or going out of their way to do something extraordinary for their daddies to appreciate them.

Others would take their dads to interesting places. That is a sure way to get your dad excited and keep a memory.

If your are in Ghana and you want to have a good time with your dad on Father's Day, here are 7 interesting places you can visit with your dad.

1: La Raceway

Take your dad to a place where you can spend some of your free time riding on karts, playing casino games or visiting a bar.

2: Beach:

To get your daddy close to nature, and have a good time with him on father's day, the beach is definitely the place to go. There's a higher chance of meeting other amazing daddies to share the day with at the beach. Ride a horse, play in the waves, build castles and mansions at the shores. Mind you, The fine, sugar-white sand and the turquoise water provide a great way for you and your dad to kick back and relax.

3: Stadium:

Take him out to watch some sporting events. What’s better than spending time with your father watching football, or other sports, cheering your teams, and teasing each other if on opposing sides. The stadium will definitely get your father the excitement you would want for him.

4: Spa:

You did not think of giving your dad a special treat like a balneotherapy, right? A day at the spa with daddy will mean a great deal for him. Give your dad a non-medical healthy body treatment at the spa on fathers day. Spare him some moments to relax and feel special.

5: Restaurant:

You can take your dad to your favorite restaurant on Fathers day. A restaurant with a serene environment. One that you will be greeted in a unique way and make you feel at home. Have your dad take a bite into the most trendy snacks and dishes. This is the best opportunity to dig into that Cold Stone ice cream you've been craving for months with your dad. Remember a day like this must never be forgotten.

6: Cinemas

Would you rather take daddy to the cinemas? Okay, that is never a bad idea. Nothing can be as exciting as watching a movie with your dad amidst many others and sharing the laughs, emotions and the thrills. In Ghana, there are lots of cinemas that time wouldn't permit me to talk about. On fathers day, tons of movies will be shown in these cinemas, so why hesitate to take daddy with you for a movie or two. A cinema inside a mall will give you shopping advantages.

7: Church

The Church is undoubtedly one of the most interesting places to take your dad know Fathers day. Your dad could really do with motivations and appreciations fitted into songs, hymns,and sermons. Request a song for your dad, get onto the dance floor with him and boogie to the glory of God. Pray with him and ask God for more blessings and favours upon his life. At church, Pastors and church leaders definitely appreciate and celebrate Fathers in a grand style. The church is definitely a place to take your dad on Fathers day.