Speaking on food network, the Thai food crusader took us through the steps to achieve a quick, easy and delicious lo mein.

Lo mein is a traditional Chinese dish made with egg noodles, vegetables and or protein cooked in a sauce. 

Jet Tila takes us through the dos or don’t of wok cooking. 

Knife cuts come first

According to Jet, before you start cooking, you should cut all that needs to be cut first. 

Cut veggies into even pieces

The celebrity chef says that your veggies should be cut into bite-size even pieces. 

Oyster sauce

Always have oyster sauce in handy for your cooking. Especially if you are planning on doing more Chinese cuisines. 

Use a large pan

This allows for proper stirring without your food falling out. 

Use the right oil 

A high temperature low flavoured oil like peanut oil, canola oil and grapeseed oil is best when stir-frying lo mein. 

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Start cooking only when you see white smoke

White smoke means it’s time to start cooking. 

Add your ingredients in order

Do not dump all your ingredients into the wok at the same time. Your oil goes in first and your sauce last always. 

Use your preferred protein

Choose your protein wisely. Don’t use what you don’t like to eat. The best lo mein compliments your protein on your tongue perfectly. 

Don’t leave it to cook on its own

Stir, scrape and fold whilst cooking so nothing sticks to the pan. If it’s not sticking then it’s not burning. 

Vegetable lo mein
Vegetable lo mein

Do not use spaghetti noodles

The best lo mein is made with wheat flour noodles with egg commonly called Chinese egg noodles.