Everybody loves weddings. Yes, While some guests love the wedding fashion, the food lovers can’t wait to be served the sumptuous meals on the menu. 

As the saying goes ‘ people who love to eat are the best people’. Catering for wedding guests is an important part of the ceremony; a tradition which can’t be ignored.

For foodies, weddings provide the right opportunity to taste different dishes from popular catering services and connect with new people.

For the bride and groom, figuring out the right menu to satisfy all the wedding guests can be very challenging.

You have to serve something special; finger-licking foods that will energise them to hit the dance floor to show off her impressive dance moves.

First thing first; what is the wedding food trend now? Local delicacies like fufu and goat light soup, banku and tilapia or okro stew or the popular jollof rice and chicken are usually served at almost every wedding.

Looking for different and budget-friendly foods? Check out the list below and share your comments.

Nkosuo ne Maako is a great starter. The boiled eggs can be served with chilli sauce infused with ginger paste.

On average how many people eat burgers in a week? Mouthwatering and highly nutritious.

Spaghetti Arabiatta

For those wedding guests who are shy to eat in public. Chicken, turkey or pork kebabs will prevent them from starving.

Plantain and chicken always make a great combo and healthy too. Beautifully garnish with bell pepper and hot chilli sauce. 

Good bye to jollof and waakye as we welcome garri foto . It should be on the menu if you want to satisfy all your wedding guests.

Prawns are very expensive and highly nutritious. Just because your wedding guests are special, they deserve to eat quality food. 

Eto is a special food which is eaten on special occasions. On this auspicious day, celebrate your new married life with family and friends over eto and local drink like sobolo or asana.

Crispy yam and grilled chicken or prawns and sauce are definitely new to the wedding food trend and your guests would love it. 

A wedding reception is the celebration of the holy matrimony of the newlyweds. Pizza and chilled drink is the perfect food for celebrations. 

The menu is not complete if there are greens. Tuo Zaafi is healthy and local delicacies for children and adults.